Happy New Year!

Sooooo… I posted 25 more things in 2016 compared to the the previous year, so I guess that’s an improvement. But the truth is, I created a lot more things in 2016, it’s just that I didn’t post most of them – I’m still working on my time management and putting more effort into posting stuff.

I started 2016 with 3d printing, and by summer time I joined/subscribed to Maker Depot in Totowa to learn and do Laser cutting. That was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Laser cutting satisfied my need for instant gratification that 3D printing can’t give me. Sure, the prep and design end took a long time still, but actual cutting goes a lot faster than 3D printing! But they both have their own strength and weaknesses, and I like doing both.

When September came around I had to stop going to the Maker Depot because I had to do some art related traveling and my son started Kindergarten!

Did three shows +1: VT, NYC and MD, all gelatin capsule art. SEABA Art Hop in Burlington VT, the SPAA annual show in the Philippine Center in the City,  The “Games” Exhibit  at Ann Marie Sculpture Gardens in MD, plus the 19th Annual Postcards from the Edge Show this year hosted by Metro Pictures (NYC). The last One I try to do every year since it’s for a great cause. The BONUS: I won an award from the “Games” exhibit at Ann Marie Sculpture Gardens in MD. Found out about it after Christmas so That was nice.

Maybe for Day 1 I’ll do a photo dump of most of the stuff I did in 2016, and then start from there.

I’m glad 2016 is over, and I’m looking forward to doing more photography, art and design this year. CHEERS!!!



The current Prez of the Philippines. This one I made specifically for the Society of Philippine American Artists Show at the Philippine Center (Consulate)


A thanksgiving turkey I made for my boy’s class… fun with hash marks.


There’s this cupcake you see, which is a third of a bite size and cost a buck a piece…


Ducky Momo


septic tank pumping