It’s been too long my friends…

A few updates during my hiatus – we are temporarily relocated and off to new adventures!

Of the unexpecteds:

#1   2 dead refrigerators in 2 houses and 2 states….

#2   a bun in the oven 🙂

I’ve been doing plenty of art and design, I just need to post ’em. I will do that starting tomorrow. Yay!

For now, no new oil paintings (see unexpected number 2), and when I run out of my hand-customized oil colored pills, that would be it for the pixel poppers for now (again, see unexpected number 2).

The oil spill got the dormant activist in me inspired and I designed a bunch of digital stuff , in which most I turned into buttons and then into magnets for the new fridge (see unexpected number 1)… Add unexpected number 2 to the mix and I was then inspired to make family friendly illustrations – also made into magnets. After a few more dozen magnet designs, I combined the capsule art concept with magnets, creating… get this – functional art.  All will be revealed in due time.

Posting all of these is going to be fun!