We’re good at making bombs and yet we don’t use the “good stuff”. We stockpile this shit that cost hundreds of millions of dollars each, and yet we dont’ take good care of our veterans, have millions of homeless folks, over 14 million that are unemployed, over 50 million adults that are illiterate, over half a million children in fostercare, and about 12 million kids in AMERICA go hungry everyday… millions, millions, millions, and more effin’ millions…

We elected politicians to work for us and our needs, and all they seem to care about lately is to one-up the other bastard that does exactly the same shit  that they do, except they wear a different colored suit. They scare the crap out of us by amplifying bullshit, and they make a lot of money in doing so. We have so called political “analysts” egging us into buying gold, survival gear and to arming ourselves to the teeth. Hey, maybe they’ll do a two-fer on one of ’em dirty toys too. At least those are still American Made.

Here’s a cute lil’ sticker design for ya.