a alejo gassifier

I was doing research on how to burn rice husks more efficiently and ran into gassifiers and pyrolysis.  My folks and most of our relatives are rice farmers, and the idea of other possible uses for agricultural wastes such as husks can be beneficial. Pretty much after harvest the husks are dumped in the farm and set on fire, burning for days. If the husks can be used as fuel for cooking or for generating electricity, it would be money saved for the farmer. The one I built was based on designs mainly used for wood scraps and wood pellets. I burned pieces of pine trimmings and pine needles, and surprisingly, what was left were mostly charcoal and not just all ashes, so it actually worked! I just used two cans with a bunch of holes and a piece of foil to fix what I screwed up. I used a few drops of candle wax as a fire starter. It burned very well, even after I added a chimney to it. Maybe next time I’ll try to make a bigger version (there are plenty of plans out there in the good ole’ interweb to try out)