2012 was a very challenging year, and I sucked even more this year than last year! I did what – 42 days? Being a father of a 21 month old took a lot out of me this year – him being sick, allergic, not wanting to eat… we almost went to the ER 2 days ago.  But to see him smile, giggle, walk, run, say his first word, chase a pretty woman, run away from pretty girls wanting to kiss him, know his shapes, animals and colors… He knows his colors!!! (except brown, and he calls red – “hot”) Blue is boo, purple is pah-pul, orange is owage, and green is gee. He already tagged the radiator cover I made in the living room! It is all worth it.

2012 was mostly shot with my iPhone, and that’s because I have it with me all the time. I do miss shooting with my DSLR, but packing it along with his stuff (his stuff takes up a lot of space) is close to impossible most of the time.

I’m looking forward to do better this year – I cleaned my DSLR, and now I am looking for my macro lenses. Found my stereo 3D lens! I got all my gelatin capsules, and I’m still looking for my watercolors. Got the oils too. This year, I’m going to stop fighting it, and I’ll work with what I have all the time – my son and my son’s stuff. There should be enough things to work with for the year…

Alan Alejo