2014-Day-5-16th-Annual-Postcards-from-the-Edge-by-Alan-AlejoThis particular piece is different from all my other gelatin capsule art – it is not stacked in a square or grid pattern but more of a triangular or diagonal stack. I wanted to create the red ribbon specifically for this show, but the size limitation was hindering the visual reading of the piece, and I needed to be able to have more pills in the same amount of space to make it work. By using a diagonal stack, I was able to add more lines/rows of pills, and at the same time a smoother curve on the loop was attained. This piece deviated from my usual pixel blockiness, and I might use the diagonal stack again for creating free-flowing organic pieces. I have some ideas already, but it will have to wait…

The image below is a photo of the above piece with other postcards at the Luhring Augustine hosted event. Steven Rosen took the photo, not me. I just wrote on top of it to highlight the piece. 🙂

PFTE photo by Steven Rosen