2014-Day-7-Who-Me-by-Alan-Alejo-gelatin-capsulesThis is my first gelatin capsule portrait of my boy. This year I made a few modifications – It takes too long to do a 30×40, and when they are that big the weight and pressure of the pills become an issue, needing a thicker acrylic pane and a fortified frame. So this year I’m making 20×20 portraits that will fit in Ikea shadow boxes, with no modifications needed. Lighter weight, less pills, but just as satisfying and fun to make!

About the art – My boy always tell me that he’s an artist too, and in a way, this is my self portrait as I see myself in him. As fairly new parents my wife and I obsess and stress about anything and everything he does or happens to him and we do this 24/7 ever since he was born. It is so exhausting and yet so fulfilling at the same time, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. This will be the first of many portraits of him to come.