For the first day I give you my disposable paint cups holder. It also doubles up as a condiment sampler holder, assorted bead holder for the crafters, a screws, nuts and bolts holder for the builders, and whatever project you have that would require small things to be saved. It is basically a cardboard box with holes that can hold a disposable condiment cup in each hole. Condiment cups – you know those flimsy waxed paper cups mostly for ketchup that you can procure from most fast food establishment. They are not so sturdy, but placed in a rigid holder and they work quite well. And when you’re done with them, you can throw the cups and replace them with new ones. The box also doubles up as storage for the unused cups and whatever else, so win win.

I made it so that my son and I can paint together, and hopefully clean up will be a little bit easier. Hopefully, it works well for that too.

D1-01-disposable-paint-cups-holder-by-alan-alejo-2015 D1-02-disposable-paint-cups-holder-by-alan-alejo-2015 D1-03-disposable-paint-cups-holder-by-alan-alejo-2015 D1-04-disposable-paint-cups-holder-by-alan-alejo-2015 D1-05-disposable-paint-cups-holder-by-alan-alejo-2015 D1-06-disposable-paint-cups-holder-by-alan-alejo-2015