My first iteration of a cheap, low maintenance humidifier. It is made up of two cheap Dollar Store plastic food containers, a small Lego bucket (because it was there, but it can be any other plastic that will block the mist from getting sucked into the fan), a water bottle, a computer fan with power supply, and a fountain mister.

So why make one when there are tons out there to purchase? Why not? . Actually, there are a few reasons. 1 – I wanted something that is easy to clean, without having to worry about the electronics getting wet. The submersible mister is easy to remove, wash and dry. The fan is attached to the top and the top can be easily removed and wiped clean. There’s a small container attached to the inside of the top cover to deflect water from hitting the fan. The container itself is easy to wash.  2 – I want it so that it can be easily refilled with water, without having to carry a separate container which can be heavy, and most of the time awkward to remove or put back. This one you can add water through the top via the mist spout which is a disposable water bottle. 3 – Replaceable parts. Most humidifiers are designed so that if something breaks or stopped working you replace the humidifier with a new one – what a waste! With this concept, any parts can be replaced. even the ceramic disc on the mister! 4 – Because it is fun to create things!!! Flex that brain muscle!

Now, what did I learn and what can I do to improve the design? 1. Use a variable speed fan to control the amount of mist coming out. 2. Put the mister on a floatation device so that the mister will create optimal amount of mist all the time (it is affected by how deep it is submerged in the water). This will also let you fill the container with a lot more water, thus less refilling time. 3. Reconfigure fan placement and fixture design so that it can be completely separated from the whole container, for easier cleaning. 4. Maybe add some kind of air filtration so that it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often.

Now back to the drawing board! This will do for now…