This is my attempt to finish something new everyday. Whether it is a new drawing, painting, sculpture,  photograph, new capsule art, or a new design (for myself and not for a client), my goal is to finish one artwork or design per day, for the entire year. I know the concept is nothing new, and many must have tried and failed (and I could easily become one of them), but I sure will try my best.

This is going to be fun, frustrating and can be a big pain in the rear end, but it’s a new adventure for me!

Alan Alejo

update 01-04-11: The first year of this art experiment /adventure is over and I am in the beginning of my second year… I did 178/365 days. It wasn’t a total failure – I got a lot  of new stuff created, much more production out of me than the last 5 years combined. This year so far, I’m off to a good start – 4/4!

update 01-14-12: Year 2 was a bad year for this challenge, and I surely bombed – did about 72, not even HALF of the first year. we did have a beautiful bouncy baby boy, and he alone is a challenge… also a new source of inspiration!  this should be a fun year, and will definitely do better than the last. cheers!

update 1-02-13: Okay so I did worse on year 3… 42 is not good at all, but sandy happened, and my beautiful baby boy had a lot of unexpected events. NOT a good enough excuse though to just have 42/365. Not cool. Will do better for 2013!

update 1-01-14: tied last year @ 42… at least the bleeding stopped. 2014 will be super productive!

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