Alan Alejo grew up in New Jersey and in 1997 received his degree in accounting from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City. He started his career as a troublemaking accountant who can’t sit still and was allergic to cubicles. He took the CPA exams just to get away from the office. After 3 years and a summer of  “creative numerical reallocation”, he got out of the gig and checked himself in an institution. He spent 4 years in Montclair State University and wouldn’t you know it, they gave him papers and let him walk.

Armed with a BFA and an MFA, irony struck and his first job as a graphic designer was for an income tax service franchising company. All of a sudden, he’s back in a cubicle, at least this one had a view, the parking lot.

In 2006 he married a high school friend from 17 years ago… Diwi is crazy enough to love him back. Later on that year, they moved to the Burlington Vermont area to pursue good maple syrup. A new adventure begins.

He started creating new work in 2007 using colored gelatin capsules as a medium. As an avid observer of human behavior, he started experimenting with duotone portraits of OD’d celebs.

This was followed by his pixel pills series – As a sorry excuse of a gamer, he paid homage to the video game gods and created a series on one and 2-color  arcade icons. This was revived in late 2009 as the multi-colored “pixel poppers”

The political frenzy of 2008 inspired him to create “blue pill” and “red pill”. These became the initial pieces to an open group of work now called “poppin’ pills and talkin’ smack”.  A new series in this group is “DC Kings”.

In mid – 2013 he started working on a new series, “fast food poppers” as a reflection of society’s obsession (or is it a necessary convenience) on fast food chains, obesity, and nutrition issues. It is also a response to his son’s feeding therapy and how the family cope and deal with it.

With the encouragement of friends and family, he started painting again in late 2008, a passion that was in cold storage since 2004.

Alan also continues to freelance as a graphic designer.

His works have been shown in museum and galleries in NYC, NJ,VT and Montreal.


One Response to “More dirt on the artist…”

  1. Megan Says:

    Where in the world are you A-? Awesome pictures!

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