Fast Food Poppers


This is the first of my logo based pixel popper as part of my Fast Food Poppers series. To those who don’t know, my son is a highly resistant feeder, and as a parent we are happy just to see him eat anything. After trying out all kinds of healthy, organic foods, we tried fast food stuffs. Some days are better than others, but sometimes the only thing he will try are – fries, pizza, chinese fried chicken wings, 7-11 glazed donuts…  With the nation dealing with obesity issues, my son lives off fast food… the irony of it all…



The fast foods series is a lot of fun to make – specially with the very colorful pieces like this one. A lot of the colors used are not readily available so a lot of the pills were filled with oil paints, and it can be very tedious –  but the result is well worth it!

mmm-donuts-by-Alan-AlejoAll of a sudden I’m craving for some coffee….


For a while my son would eat only cupcakes…. ugh.


From my Fast Food Poppers series… One of a handful of things my little boy would eat. I was talking to another dad maybe a year ago and he said all kids like pizza – it took a year before he tried it! I still remember $5 large pies (free delivery) from the Saint Peter’s days…


On view at the Philippine Center in NYC  until November 1st.