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2014-Day-5-16th-Annual-Postcards-from-the-Edge-by-Alan-Alejo (more…)





Now you party people know what supersonic means
We didn’t try to brag ’cause J.J. Fad is just too clean
Now baby, don’t you know that our rhymes are so bionic
Don’t listen too hard, don’t be supersonic


-JJ Fad


This duck was never framed, just pinned to the wall. Title is reference to Bugs and Daffy. Still considering making a whole wall of ducks.

It only took 2 months, but I finally got my shredded GBP banknotes from the UK. I got it legit, and it was shredded into confetti already! I didn’t do it.

aloha from across the pond…


cheerio chum

Flying out for a couple of weeks!

This is the red captured fighter in Galaga.

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