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I’m not dead! Just busy being a Dad to a toddler who survived PK3 and PK4, Feeding Therapy, hospitalization, surgery, week long stay at home being sick once or twice a month – just crazy busy tired…

I had no intention of having a child… but when my wife asked me if we can, I was hesitant but I said, sure. The moment I agreed, I was all in – no turning back, no regrets, off to new adventures! Yeah!

She wanted a girl because she can dress her up, I wanted a boy because I didn’t want the drama and be the crazy dad who thinks no boy is good enough for my little girl. I got the boy (yay) but somebody up there had a wicked sense of humor and gave us all the drama from the moment my wife got pregnant. Nine months then five years later, here we are.

He is the tiniest boy in his class! His best bud is taller than him by at least a head. By weight and height — he wasn’t even on the charts at one time, now he’s barely on the chart.

But he is awesome! He is a pain in my ass, but he’s got a mind of his own. The boy will talk to anyone, can read people very well, and is a real charmer. He likes pretty girls, and pretty ladies – all colors of the rainbow. He likes reading, making up his own games and stories, illustrating his own “comic book” (the story makes perfectly good sense to him).

He said he wanted to be an art teacher… I told him that it will not financially support his extravagant lifestyle… He said he doesn’t want to drive, so he will have a self-driving car that can bring him to the mall… I told him not with an art teacher’s salary…

2015 was a slow art making year for me (I did draw a Turkey for my boy’s class for thanksgiving) and the first half of 2016 was just as bad (but I did make a kick-ass 3D topography of Australia out of corrugated cardboard for their “trip around the world”)

Last year I joined Bergen Makerspace and took a course in 3D printing, hoping to find a solution to my pill art making (make my work more consistent and to speed up my creation process/ manufacture). I even bought a 3D printer, designed and built a ventilated cabinet for it, with the exhaust coming out of the window…  With the 3D printer I made toys for my son, designed and printed 3M type hooks, a wall mount for a Mac Mini, remote control mounts, a pen holder bookend, built a humidifier that is easy to take a part and clean thoroughly (and can hold enough water to run continuously at full blast for almost a week), a paper towel holder built into a wire rack shelving, and a cabinet in-door spice rack shelving. In the end,  3D printing isn’t the solution for my art – too slow to produce anything substantial (for my artwork conundrum) but a lot of fun, albeit super duper slow, it was great for making other stuff.

Perhaps it wasn’t completely barren, I just didn’t post any of my product designs… but still, not that much work to show for…

This summer I took a laser cutting and laser etching class at The MakerDepot. Since I don’t have 24G’s  lying around to procure a quality Laser cutter and engraver for myself, I joined the hive instead. The monthly pay-per-play can be a little steep, so I’ll need to figure out a way to make some cash to offset the cost of my membership…

So far, I think I might have found a solution to my pill art process, but the solution comes with its own unintended consequence, and my work might lose it’s impact so NOT COOL. I’m looking into a second possible solution, but this solution will only address consistency and quality, but it will not speed up the process… arrgh!

Anyway, Cheers! I’m back, and will be posting new work very soon!


Welcoming the new year with open arms and high hopes! It will be better than last year!

That being said, hopefully this year will be a better year for me and my art. I definitely need to create more, and post more often. I definitely want to do a full year for once, and with my boy growing up, anything is possible. Last year wasn’t too bad – I was in 3 shows in NYC and they were all fun shows. In 2014 I met other creative people who are in the same boat as I am, and I am inspired to get things going, and today is a good day to start!




Soooo… Happy New Year to all!!! This year I was able to “tie” the number of art and design stuff that I posted in 2012…  At least the bleeding stopped (or is it the downward spiral to nothing) … On a good note I was more active, and I got back to creating more work at the end of the year… I actually made a lot more than the 42, I just ran out of time to post them (the last snowstorm ate my little point n shoot – I must have dropped it along with stored data on photographed work, some were commissioned pieces which of course I don’t have) – but it’s still better than less than 42… 2014 is a new year and I just finished a new piece (and start of a new series). I also found my old point and shoot, a little bit beat up but it will do.

A short recap – pulled son out of daycare, did speech therapy, feeding therapy, allergy tests, GI doctors, oral surgeons, ER in two different states, hospitalized in NJ – that about covers my son. My wife and I? We faced a $1000/mo in prescription milk for our li’l one with food aversion/ feeding resistance, so we drove all over NY, CT and South Jersey to meet up with people willing to sell Neocate and Neocate JR for less and in cash. We even had friends in other states help us out. We met a lot of terrific parents who went through what we’re going through, and most of the time, even worse than what we are going through, and their encouragement and advice we cherish to the full. Thank You.

My art production didn’t pick up until the 2nd half of the year. I went back to making pixel popper gelatin capsule art. I created a bunch for the SEABA art hop, I started a new series called Fast Food Poppers, and created a few custom ones for clients. I also showed at the Philippine Center in NYC, the Annual Postcards from the Edge show, and got in to City Without Walls – Metro 30 Show.

2014 should be fun and more productive for me. I found out that my two year old enjoy creating art, SO we are collaborating. We just painted two birdhouses together, as part of our “paint and breakfast” sessions, and we have bigger plans… stay tuned. This year I’ll continue to work on the pixel popper stuff, and I already have a few portraits in mind. I’ll continue with the food and video game pieces, as well as start a new popper series.  And that’s just for starters.

Let’s make 2014 a great year! Cheers!



A new entry to my Hydro Impressionist photography. I-80 rush hour deluge.


Goodnight, my angel
Now it’s time to sleep
And still so many things I want to say
Remember all the songs you sang for me
When we went sailing on an emerald bay
And like a boat out on the ocean
I’m rocking you to sleep
The water’s dark and deep
Inside this ancient heart
You’ll always be a part of me

-Billy Joel

Soooo…. It’s been a while since I posted work – juggling between being a first time dad and making art and just unexpected events happening makes it a challenge to keep up with the updates. The last few months I did a lot of photography in the City (people watching in Times Square), created new pixel poppers video game additions, and a new pixel poppers series I call fast food poppers. I also did a lot of everyday photography, mostly with a point and shoot or via iPhone, and even sometimes via iPad. Hopefully I’ll get a lot posted in the next day or so.



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