I started painting this right before grad school, and I probably continued to tweak this for a couple of years, so from 2001-2002. It’s still one of my favorites, and I learned a lot from painting this. (more…)



Frisbee dog in the snow. This was sooooo much fun to paint! I love painting eyes! But making the snow was a lot more fun.


This was my first and only attempt of a beach landscape painting… the little barker was the easiest part. By the way these paintings are all rectangular… These were cropped square for the business cards.





First in the series of paintings and artwork before 2010. I needed business cards and I ended up prepping way more images than I needed, and decided to make a mini portfolio of old and new art. And before I lose all these images I figured I’d better post some of them here.

Lazy day is an old doggy painting, the first in a series of four, being the last one I did was the first post I had on this blog.


The little guy made a consecutive appearance!   (it might make a few more down the line) Definitely a lot of fun to paint!

The Hitchhiker’s Song

(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

When the mist rolls in on Highway One
like a curtain to the day
A thousand silhouettes hold out their thumbs
and I see them and I say
You are my children
my sweet children
I am your poet.

This one was tricky. Those spirals were a challenge to paint.

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