This is a 5×7 watercolor on paper for “The Dog and Pony Show” @ the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery on Pine Street – Burlington VT from August 3-31. Come see! Sniffer and the Dog will be there too. Those are oils from 2009 and 2010. Cheers! (more…)


watercolor candy - hugs chocolate

This piece, along with most of the “eye candy” watercolor series will be part of a group show entitled “Sweet” in Studio Place Arts in Barre Vermont starting on April 17 to May – fun fun!

This is a watercolor version of the Hitchiker’s Song which was an oil painting. ┬áThis one debuted during the SEABA Art Hop last weekend in Burlington VT. The Hitchiker’s Song was featured at the Kasini House in Montreal. If you would like to see HS, go to the right side of the blog under categories> paintings> Oils.

From the “My Boy’s Toys series…

This is the first toy we ever bought D – he wasn’t born yet when we got it. He probably played with it once, and ignores it the rest of the time. I might repaint this one when I’m not in too much of a rush.

Alan Alejo Bunny 3

This is the third bunny for the art hop. Did a little bit better with the fur on this one…




Second bunny installment for the hop – this one’s got the caught in headlights look.





Alan Alejo

First of three bunnies for the art hop.

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