Heavy on the Sauce series


Another pair of quotables from los tacos ding!


heavy on the sauce


I guess they are still printing more quotes on the taco bell packets… had some tacos at the mall food court while my wife chase after our one year old…. then we switched and I get to run after the little roadrunner.

Feed my Frankenstein
Meet my libido
He’s a psycho
Feed my Frankenstein
Hungry for love
And it’s feeding time

This is the third one in the series – saucy!


Sleeping single –
I will wait for you.
I’m sleeping single –
’til you change your mind.
Sleeping single –
I will wait for you ’til time
has gone by.


Ah, the creepiness.  2nd installment of sauce packet sayings…


Kiss me I’m Irish
I am the Wild Rover
My eyes they are smiling
And I’m seldom sober
I like my whiskey
And I love to dance
So if you’re feeling as lucky as me
Take a chance…
And kiss me I’m Irish

Having fun with these fast food sauce packets with lil’ quotes – they’re like the sweethearts candy for wasted college kids with the munchies at 1 in the morning!